Canelo Alvarez: he reveals what happened when he “ran” in Grupo Firme for his daughter’s XV years

boxer canelo alvarez He told about a misunderstanding he had eduin Casesinger of solid group When it came to light that he was allegedly driving artistes away from the party fifteen years Saul’s daughter.

According to Fox Sports, the boxer released his version of events where he assured that he got on very well with the singer of the group, eduine case,

“The truth is you, the media, make a very poor mess where there is nothing, but hey, that’s what they live for and that’s okay. I just spoke to him (Eduin Kaj), he is coming on Monday because he is going to do some football. We have a good relationship, we talked and laughed when the viral videos surfaced and the fact is my public relations people asked me if I wanted to do anything and the truth is I didn’t need to say anything. , ‘Canelo’,

for his part, eduin He has not made his position known and he has not denied that what was said Canello To be a liar

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