Canelo and Grupo Firme: the influential Chamonic condemned that he was threatened not to show the video of the fight in the XV years

canelo alvarez He didn’t want to miss the chance to celebrate his daughter Emily Cinnamon’s XV in a big way. For this reason, he decided to fulfill some of his wishes, including seeing Grupo Firme at their celebration. Although Boxer and the Mexican regional band have maintained a great friendship for a long time, something didn’t get out of hand and things went haywire in the incident.

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As explained by the influential Chamonic from his social network, the athlete felt that firm group He stole the show he put on for his daughter’s birthday. It is that Eduin Caz and his band not only sang “Las Manitas”, but the boxer also took to the microphone to sing some songs with him.

It was during a radio event that the Instagrammer revealed the details. He even said that he has a video in his custody which shows how Canelo XV ended up taking his friends out for years. Chamonek even went so far as to say that the boxer “went too far” and that it would lead to the disastrous result of a performance that had become unforgettable for the fifteen-year-old.

What did Chamonic say about the fight between Canelo and Grupo Firme?

“And there comes the gossip: that’Canelo’ He kicked Grupo Firme and Carin out of the party, just because he was already in tune, he was already in tune and he was too stubborn. He was getting the attention at the party instead of the girl,” Chamonik said during a broadcast for the radio station “La Major FM”.

“They told him just like, ‘You’re leaving… because he’s had enough for me’. And with Karin he says he was singing and the whole thing and he confronted her and told her ugly: ‘ Half of the people here are goaltenders'”, he added. shamanic Which claims to be a video with evidence that has not been published yet.

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Chamonic receives threats after leaking information

Apparently the scoop the influencer gave for radio was not well received. and also shamanic She was threatened and the video she saved has been banned from publishing. “They told me to respect them,” she said, noting that it made her laugh that “those who ask for respect don’t show respect” and revealed that if someone else calls her a “liar” she should not be respected. You should defend yourself by making the material available to you go viral. ,

“Gossip yes, no liar,” added impressively about fight after drinks with Canelo firm group At the end of his daughter’s XV party. “Well listen, I said this guy was a bad drinker, I said nothing about a group, nothing about a singer. Listen well before gossiping and complaining,” he asked.

“Conclusion, he asked me not to put up the video, not to share it, to respect it (…) to make it public if he continues to receive harassment for the content he kept from Canelo,

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