Canelo lvarez may have passed on his daughter to Grupo Firme d’Xvi: report

Mexico City ,

Emily Cinnamon XV Party of the YearSaul “Canelo” Alvarez’s daughter gives a moment of tension that ends with the boxer Running for the members of Grupo Firme and Karin LeoneAs he thought they were stealing limelight in the incident.

was announced above shamanicinfluencer who stands out exclusively on Instagram under the promise that He has a video he promised to share laterAccording to him, only that can come to light.

,The party came and the problems started because there were more people than at the table.Many had to wait three hours to go in and sit. Canelo was already angry, wanted to put on the gloves, literally.“, reported the show’s influencer on the station best,

“And here comes the gossip: what Canelo drives Grupo Firme and Carin from the party, As it is! Because I was already in tune, I was already in tune and I was very stubborn. his attention was at the party instead of the girl“, he abounded, to the surprise of the drivers.

According to your version, Canelo Discusses “Too Ugly With Caryn Lyon”Which was humiliating for her, as the singer usually does not attend private events, although this time, because of her friendship with the boxer, she decided to make an exception.

Eduin Caz Canelo . Uploaded more pictures of

At the time this note was written, Shamonik did not share the alleged video, while Eduin Caz is one of the most recognized elements of Grupo Firme.shared photos with Canelo in which both of them are seen drinking at the party of the XV year.

It is worth mentioning that Grupo Firme sings ‘Las Mannitas’ for Emilie CinnamonWhile Karin and Angel Melo had a night of entertainment in which the boxer delighted his eldest daughter.

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