Canta de Survivor Mexico 2022: Who is the finalist and likely winner? Girlfriend, Profession and more


Find out who Kenta Sakurai is, the finalist and potential winner of Survivor Mexico 2022, what he does for a living, who his girlfriend is and more.

Survivor Mexico to Canta Delgado 2022
Instagram @kentasakuraSurvivor Mexico to Canta Delgado 2022

We are only a few hours away from meeting them The Champion of Survival reality show show was one of the highest rated shows on TV Aztec for more than 15 weeks, alone three left in dispute You Kenta Survivor becomes one of the favorites to be the winner of Mexico 2022Know who is the model who wants to win the grand finale to be held on 30 September.

fork Will face Julian and Nahomi in the final In case of Survivor Mexico 2022 and winning, The prize can be used to treat his father, One of the strongest contestants for you to know more about Kenta Delgado and how he got famousWe have compiled a list of data for you to unravel it.

Who is Canta Delgado from Survivor Mexico 2022?

1. Kenta Delgado is a 32-year-old Mexican modelHuh Father is Mexican and his mother is Japanese.

2. “From his father he learned respect, loyalty, gratitude. From his mother, spontaneity, kindness, flexibility”, Kenta made the announcement for El Mural newspaper.

3. The countess was a waiter at a restaurant in La Ostraswhere she met manager Pablo Dominguez and thus got her first foray into modeling.

4. Her career as a model is booming and He has worked for important brands like dolce and gabbanaOh Versace.

Who is Kenta’s girlfriend?

Kenta had an affair with Cathay in Survivor Mexico 2022, but he didn’t do anything formal and he distanced himself after a few weeks. There is no information that Kenta has courtship, outside of reality.

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