Capi Perez against Facundo: It was a blowback fight he had on a live show

The famous comedian, during a completely live telecast of a show a few months back, Cappy Perez and Facundo They staged an intense fight that stole the headlines in the entertainment industry as it is still being speculated today whether everything went as planned or they actually killed each other.

a few years ago when TV Aztec Confirming that the “K Driver” dealt a blow to the competition.happy come” And Fasundo will be part of their entertainment bar for the broadcast of one of the most important shows “Los Protagonistas”.

Capi Perez vs Faisundo: It was their fight

A video circulating on the social network shows the moment in which Facundo living together Christian Martinolic with and luis garciaK Star Drivers”heroMoments later, El Capi Pérez appears and begins to mock the material offered by his colleague.

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In front of constant teasing, cap perez He interrupts the segment and continues to mock Faisundo, who reacts in the worst possible way by hitting him on the head. At that point, the host of “Venga la Alegria” told them that there were no hits because they were in a live event.

Despite the warning, Cappy Perez and Facundo They begin to exchange loud blows provoking the uncertainty of other drivers, who suddenly move away from the scene in an attempt to avoid a blow or inflict collateral damage. Fight here:

What are El Capi Perez and Faisundo doing?

After starring in one of the most infamous feuds in television history, cap perez continued to be part of the cast of TV Aztec and is currently one of the program’s star drivers”happy come“. He is also a contributor to special events for the Day of the Dead and New Year’s Eve celebrations.

On the other hand, Facundo, one of the country’s most famous television presenters, returned to Televisa and appeared on the reality show “Which one is better?” changed his mind to host the first season of Which was a real success due to the high audience level it received.

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