Carlos III: He reveals he took family portrait during mourning to make Harry feel bad

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The official Instagram account of the British royal family published the first pictures a few days ago King Charles III with his queen consort, Camilla, and the Prince of Wales. It was surprising that despite their smiling faces they were dressed in black, as they revealed that it was taken on 18 September, the day before their funeral. Queen Isabel II.

Experts say that the reason for this picture is more than mere coincidence. King Carlos III did this To trouble You Meghan was still in the UK to make them feel bad and cement the image of core members of the English monarchy.

To clarify who would mark the future of the Crown, it was published long after it was taken to the Royal House. They were at a reception given by King Charles at Buckingham Palace on the eve of his mother’s funeral. It was a special event only for members of royalty from other countries, who went to London to say goodbye to Queen Elizabeth II and the rest of the family in her grief.

They are in a room in the official residence of the Emperor in London, We can see King Carlos III hugging his wife Camilla a little in front of everyone. to his left Prince Williamwith their eldest son, the new Princess of Wales, Kate Middleton.

The picture must have been taken, but King Carlos decided to show the institution, the people who would represent him and his successor, much earlier than he imagined. He wanted to make it clear not only to Prince Harry that he was out, but also to the rest of the family as he intended to create a lesser monarchy. for the needs of the new times.

Under this view of the new emperor, The sons of the Princes of Wales also have an important role to play, but ultimately only Prince George will have the greatest responsibilities as heir to the throne.

At first the image was not going to be made public, but King Carlos III decided to make it known in the city and within his family to make it clear that he was the most important member of the Crown supported by his wives who were behind him. As a sign of comfort and affection.

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