Carlos Rivera knew who Tricky was; is eliminated and eliminated from the finals

This is how the investigator discovered the hidden actress in this strange character

By: Eric Solis


Tricky/Bibi singing

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Who is the mask? Upon discovering Tricky’s identity, Carlos Rivera once again takes the lead as an investigator.

After public votes in the forum were not in favor of the character, Tricky had to reveal his identity to search for actress Bibi Gaynon. In the following video you can see the reaction of the investigators to the search for the actress:

Tricky Bibi was hiding Guyton and thus who is her mask? was discovered in

And these were the analyzes they made during the season, the most compelling one occurring in episode 8 when during Tricky’s presentation, the character performed the song ‘Believe’ by Cher, a song with which she introduced a great show featuring He presented a great choreography where his exceptional splits came to the fore.

At the end of his performance, Carlos Rivera expressed why actress Bibi Gayen could be found behind Tricky: “I know someone who has a musician brother and who is an actress, dancer, singer, who has tried all the worlds of entertainment, so I think it could be Chacho Gayon’s sister Bibi Gayon.”

It is not the first time that Rivera has made this bet, in another program, the researcher related the character’s ability to dance in this way: “I know someone who’s a ballet teacher. Last week you said something about ‘Dance With Me,’ so I think Bibi may be singing behind Tricky. Next, we present the following video forecast:

In Who’s the Mask, Carlos Rivera assures Tricky Bibi is singing?

final bet

Before Tricky revealed his identity, these were the researchers’ predictions:
Carlos Rivera – Bibi Singing (Official Video)
Galilea Montijo – Fernanda Castillo
John’s Zurita – Bianca Morocco
Yuri – Ana Brenda Contreras

Do you know who the character was? We invite you to enjoy the grand finale of

Who is the mask?

Which will be aired next Sunday, 18th December at 8:30 PM


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