Carlos Trejo reacts to Alfredo Adam’s beating

Alfredo Adam has worked his way up again, only this time things spiraled out of control and the famed television host faced a tremendous fight. Of course Carlos Trejo couldn’t keep quiet and has come forward to voice his opinion.

On several occasions Alfredo Adame has been involved in acrimonious controversies, even Omar Chaparro has ridiculed him, and it is not surprising, Well, the actor is famous for being one of the most problematic celebrities in Mexico., This time, the Mexican driver went viral after sharing on social networks that he was beaten up by a group of “thugs” outside his house.

Adame shared a series of pictures on her Instagram account, in which her beaten face can be seen, But his right eye, which is covered in blood, is most attractive. The publication quickly reached hundreds of people and there was certainly no shortage of memes.

Adam’s face was hurt.

Given the whole situation, Carlos Trejo has come forward to talk about what happened and of course, Progressive Social Networks didn’t hesitate to make some allegations against the former candidate. Let’s remember that the two Mexicans have had separate public clashes and even went viral after trying to settle their differences with an embarrassing rap and MMA fight.

According to the actor’s statement under the same facewitnessed a confrontation between criminals and federal agents near his home, But when he decided to help, one of the criminals attacked him fiercely. It is also rumored that the attack ended with some injuries and the death of a Confederate. The actor had to go to file a complaint and get medical help as a part of his retina was severed.

Adam and Carlos Trejo have fought on several occasions.

This morning, the author of Canitas said that this fight is a result More about Adam’s bad relationship Actor accused of indulging in shady deals, In an interview he assured:

It doesn’t surprise me, I’ve been saying this for a long time and many media outlets have passed it through victorious fanatics, that the guy had multiple complaints for money laundering issues, we already know and I already said this, he took several minutes.

At the same time, Trejo is sure that things did not happen as the politician said, because there are many versions of what happened now; “sAnd his story makes me so weird” commented Paranormal Investigator. In addition, he said that the incident could have been avoided if the authorities had already done something about the various complaints against Adam, as it is clear that he belongs to dangerous people. Do you agree with him?

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