Carmen Salinas’ family makes tragic decision one year after actress’s death

carmen salinas became One of the most beloved figures of Mexican show businessSince then the actress has worked in several projects of great national and even international success. Carmen’s charisma was so great that it allowed her to participate in American films.Privileged that this earned him an appearance on the list of dead actors during the Oscars.

death of carmen salinas This was a fact that puzzled the media, as the actress’s health was not delicate, but as a result of a fall that caused a brain hemorrhage from which he never recoveredThe popular entertainment personality passed away on December 9 at the age of 82 after spending several weeks in a coma.

The actress’s departure affected the national entertainment industry, with many celebrities taking the time to say goodbye to Carmen Salinas, recalling anecdotes that elevated the former congresswoman for her charisma and simplicity, The family of “Carmelita” expressed great displeasure over the death of the actress, because recently he made this comment, a year after his sensitive death They still can’t enter the place where Carmen spent her last moments,

The family of “Carmelita” expressed great displeasure over the death of the actress
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The place where Carmen Salinas’ family refused to enter

daughter of the late actress, Maria Eugenia Plaskenia Recently contacted the media to invite a mass in Mexico City, who wants to honor the memory of the actress, Eugenia also took the opportunity to comment on how the grieving process has been How does your family feel?

According to what Maria Eugenia commented on the program “Fabulous Formula” The actress’s family is very reluctant to modify the house where Carmen Salinas spent her final momentsthe grief is so great that sThey refuse to go into the bathroom where “Carmelita” disappeared. before the accident.

María Eugenia comments that two granddaughters of Carmen Salinas live in the house, who For a year he did not modify the room and study of the actress, Apart from keeping the bathroom where the former deputy spent his last moments locked.

“That bathroom is kept completely cluttered. They just go in to clean it, to shake off the dust, but they’ve tried to keep everything the way their mother did it,” Joel O. ‘ Frill said on the program ‘Fabulous Formula’.

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