Carmen Villalobos and the 7 bikinis with which she hit the social network

name of when carmen villalobosPeople immediately know that this is one of the best actresses, models and beautiful women from Colombia. Since she made her small screen debut in 1999 at the age of 18, she has garnered attention for stated reasons, much to the delight of her fans over the years.

Being a famous woman, it is natural that she is very active on social networks, where she shares with her followers part of her personal and professional life. Similarly, it gives ideas to the girls that what kind of outfits they should wear on special occasions. However, what she shows every time she goes on vacation has attracted attention: the traditional bikini that makes her so sexy.

The above argues that, because being a model carmen villalobos Knows how to take advantage of the cameras that capture her for posterity with poses capable of melting instagram, where it shares almost all snapshots. It is only natural that she has an entire army of followers as she started winning their hearts with her work on television. He is best remembered for productions such as “Amor a la Plancha” (he received his first episodic role), “Dora, the Warden”, “La Tormenta” and “Amores de Mercado”, no less important.

Carmen Villalobos is originally from Medellin, Colombia (Photo: IG @cheeryviruet)
Carmen Villalobos is a nature lover (Photo: IG @cvillaloboss)

Carmen Villalobos, the actress who conquered Instagram

With nearly 21 million followers instagram, carmen villalobos You can brag about your success and fame. This number is relevant, since many celebrities have always struggled to get their way through dynamism or images that challenge the censorship of the platform, but this is not the case of the Colombian, whose personality has charmed those who Get to know them through their work. He is currently participating in the telenovela “Hasta Que La Plata Nos Separe”, which has been a complete success.

Carmen Villalobos is a famous actress and model (Photo: IG @cheeryviruet)
Carmen Villalobos is a fan of the Harry Potter universe (Photo: IG @cvillaloboss)

It should be noted that Shakira’s compatriot, since she was born in Barranquilla, coincides with the tastes of many of her fans: she loves animals (especially puppies), the entire Harry Potter universe, as she Have seen movies and read books from beginning to end. She also loves nature, especially the ocean and the beach, a setting where she always wears flirty bikinis that take the cake.

Carmen Villalobos loves puppies (Photo: IG @cvillaloboss)
Carmen Villalobos always runs to the beach whenever she can (Photo: IG @cvillaloboss)

thus prior sebatian caicedo He knows how to love people and to show that it is enough to dive into the comments of any publication: “I’m glad to know that you are full and happy Carmella! You are second to none” , “The most beautiful and no one can say no”, “That’s right, we are the happiest to see you so happy and complete in your beautiful life”, are some of the messages that they send to the celebrity’s full name, Yorli del Carmen Villalobos Barrios. Let’s write

Carmen Villalobos was married to Sebatian Caido (Photo: IG @cvillaloboss)

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