Carmen Villalobos is honest and confesses why she didn’t want kids with Sebastian Cassado

weeks ago, Colombian actors, Sebastian Caicedo, gave an interview to People in Spanish in which he declared that he felt closer to his desire to have children and be a family man. After he said it, there was much speculation about whether he had recently split from Carmen Villalobos, which was previously speculated as they stopped showing up network– had something to do with the wish that many say was not shared by both members of the couple.

In social network Sebastian Cassado can be seen as very paternalistic with his nephew, his sister’s son, so it is understandable that becoming a father was the actor’s desire, albeit in the future. Combining this with the fact that . in his long relationship with Carmen Villalobos It was never announced that they were looking for a child, rumors that this was the reason for their separation were gaining strength.

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