Carrot Weather, Your Outrageous Weather Checking App Is Now A Dating Simulator Too

There are so many apps that provide weather information that it can be difficult to differentiate. However, the developers of the Carrot Weather app have succeeded with Artificial Intelligence. He insults and jokes about the weather and now, he even flirts with users.

According to the platform’s creator Brian Muller, Internet users will be able to ‘go out’ with carrots Thanks for the new update. The ‘romance’ with weather app can serve users to train and learn with other people in a curious way.

The romantic version of Carrot has quite a few ‘bonding activities’ that cause the number of hearts to increase. have a choice of woo the phone, load your servers and compliment the app that is so nice.

When the relationship with the platform is better, it will give gifts to the user, which they can manage and combine. When you reach the correct combination of gifts, it will be unlocked The choice to have a relationship with carrots.

Drones can collect carbon dioxide samples so volcanoes won't have to.

The association with carrots is likely something new on the app, but this isn’t the first time Mueller has come up with something new. The platform features mini-games, such as challenges to find specific locations on a map. Despite this, the founder of the app believes that “It’s been a long time” because he had so much fun building the new feature.

Carrot Weather is available for the iPhone, on Google Play, for Android devices and on the App Store, and provides weather data for Spain. However, it has one disadvantage: It is only available in English, However, if we are positive, we can see it as an opportunity to practice our level of English.

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