Causes automatic blackout of reactor of a mobile nuclear power plant

Belgium’s nuclear watchdog FANC reported earlier this month that Reactor 3 of Walloon Tihange Nuclear Power Plant It was turned off by itself. As he recently clarified, it was because of the electromagnetic interference from the mobile that his system detected in an area where the use of telephones is not allowed.

According to VRT news media, the reactor’s closure took place last Monday, October 3 at 8:25 am. However, officials did not immediately know why this happened and Reactor 3 was inactive for two weeks Until they found out the reason.

The FANC team found that it was a smartphone where it should not be turned on and classified the incident An INES 1 (lowest level on the risk scale). The agency said that the sensor measured the pressure drop in a pipe connected to the steam generator, but that measurement was inaccurate and was actually due to electromagnetic interference.

Samuel Kogolati, an environmentalist legislator, was the one who announced the reason for the automatic shutdown of Reactor 3. At VRT News they assure that Kogolatti knew thanks to an internal memo that Operator Angie sent to his workers.

Following the data provided by the legislator, the FANC had to give more details of what happened and believe it was a false signal due to mobile and they took the time to find the reason. eventually, Reactor 3 restarted on 18 October And operations have returned to normal.

The alarm about a possible nuclear war has been sounding again since the start of the war in Russia and Ukraine.

The federal MP for the Groen Party, Kim Byst, said that It was “unacceptable” that the FANC did not respond transparently For questions about the closure of Belgian nuclear power plants: “It is a fundamental duty of the FANC to provide accurate information on incidents involving the protection of workers and the environment”.

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