Celebrities pressure Amazon to pull antisemitic documentaries from the site

Hollywood A-listers and activists are calling on Amazon and bookseller Barnes & Noble to pull an antisemitic film and book from their virtual and physical store shelves.

Creative Community for Peace, the activist group leading the effort, made public a letter Thursday to CEO Jeff Bezos, James Dant and other leaders calling for the two companies to remove “Hebrew to Negro: Wake Up Black America” Said one book and the group said the film “does enormous harm to the Jewish community, while spreading dangerous misinformation to an influential public that may be susceptible to its propaganda.”

The group said the titles also spread misinformation, including anti-Semitic tropes and conspiracy theories, such as the Jewish people coining the Holocaust.

more than 200 entertainment industry leaders, including actors Mila Kunis, Debra Messing and Emmanuel Chirkey; Jeopardy co-host Mayim Bialik; and music executive Aaron Bay-Shuk have co-signed the letter.

The letter partly reads, “After more than a week of private messages and public calls to take the misleading book and film ‘Hebrew to n**ros’ from your sites, you have so far refused to act.” have make.”

Irving suspended

The group’s petition comes after Kyrie Irving, a recent Brooklyn Nets professional basketball player, Promoted the title in a tweet Due to which he was suspended for at least five matches.

CCFP said Irving’s tweets, which are linked to the documentary and the book, have prompted sales.

The group said, “Since Kyrie Irving posted a tweet with a link to the documentary and book, it has become a bestseller. Both Amazon and Barnes & Noble have refused to remove the title and continue to profit from its bigotry.” kept.”

As of Friday afternoon, both the book and film are available for purchase on Amazon’s website. Both have been labeled “best sellers” on the site.

Neither Amazon nor Barnes & Noble responded to a request for comment.

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