Celine Dion Interpreting ‘Titanic’ Suffers From Human Statue Disease

Canadian singer Celine Dion, who you’ll remember for writing the main theme to ‘Titanic’, was diagnosed with a rare syndrome that affects 1% of the world’s population.

Days after the release of Avatar 2 by Canadian singer, director James Cameron Celine Dion shared an important message on her social networks that she suffers from a rare neurological disorder It affects one percent of people on the planet. And it’s all a weird coincidence, because let’s remember she’s the famous exponent of “My Heart Will Go On,” popularized as Titanic’s theme song, which was penned by the aforementioned filmmaker and creator of the Avatar universe.

This is stiff person syndrome (SPR). A neurodegenerative condition that paralyzes the muscles of the human body and forces it to remain in a passive posture. In the long run, as they may lose mobility and also the ability to express themselves verbally. Many people nickname her the disease of the statue and this is the reality of the interpreter who inspired the moving musical Aline.

“I’ve struggled with my health my whole life and it’s been an uphill battle, especially considering all of the ailments I’ve had. I’ve been diagnosed with a rare disorder that affects one in a million, and we’re still learning from it. However, it has been the cause of many severe spasms in my body in recent years. There are many doctors who are supporting me in this process,” he said in a video shared on social networks.

Another episode in the last sad year of the interpreter of the soundtracks for Deadpool 2, Beauty and the Beast and The Muppets Tour. let’s remember Last January, her husband and representative died of incurable throat cancer, The loss which left her devastated and the need for a prosthesis made her arm repetitive for her to touch before each of her shows.

Celine Dion

This is how he conveyed his message on social media

“I work with sports medicine daily to recover my ability to perform live, but the battle has been difficult, The only thing I know how to sing like I’ve sung all my life. Hope to see you soon,” Dion said. For obvious reasons, the Courage Tour has been further canceled and postponed until further notice. She hopes to resume all of her concerts in 2024. Does

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