Chaos is the latest cyber threat: This malware has already infected millions of computers

there is chaos malware designed for Cyber ​​attacks against Windows and Linux systemsThey have been used for the purpose of mining cryptocurrencies and launching DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks.

Said ‘Go’-based viruses are used by a variety of devices (from routers, FreeBSD boxes, and large enterprise servers) to different architectures (e.g. x86, x86-64, AMD64, MIPS, MIPS64, ARMv5-ARMv8, AArch64 and PowerPC). ) other thing, Intended for electronic products that are not regularly monitored.

it is Malware D Chinese origin Organizations belonging to the world of video games, financial services, media and cryptocurrency exchanges have been attacked through DDoS attacks.

Infected IP addresses indicate that Chaos strikes Mainly focused on EuropeBut the Lumen blog points out that North and South America and Asia-Pacific are also affected regions.

Cybercriminals are believed to have sent an email with a WhatsApp backup.

To avoid chaos, users must Perform patch management procedures in a timely manner To discover potential vulnerabilities that spread their infection on devices.

one of the rabbits to escape malware This involves restarting the corporate router every week, as computer viruses do not restart, and is also recommended. change the password which come by default in electronic products.

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