ChatGPT is taking the internet by storm: it’s Sam Altman, the brain behind this revolutionary AI

Paper encyclopedias and the famous Encarta 2000 were left behind with the advent of the Internet, but who was to tell us that we would be searching for information in artificial intelligence chat rooms. Yes, as you read this, ChatGPT is a current trend that stands out against aggregated search engines that provide instant answers.

But what is ChatGPT? We’ve already made a lot of news about it here at 20Bits, but if you still don’t know what I’m talking about, this innovation is a chat system based on the GPT-3 Artificial Intelligence (AI) language model. which has been developed. by Open AI Company.

The tool maintains a conversation with any user, gives correct answers, expresses itself naturally and provides accurate information. Sam Altman is the astute entrepreneur behind ChatGTP, OpenAI and Dall-E; However, I will explain in detail who it is.

Altman was born in Chicago in April 1985, grew up in Missouri (United States) and took his first steps in technology in 1993 when he got his first computer. for longer decided to study computer science at Stanford University, but at age 20 and in 2005 wanted to enter the world of business,

The young man founded the Lupt entity which provides a service for users to selectively share their location with others via mobile, however unfortunately, the initiative went wrong.

After failure, he created Y Combinator, an accelerator of startup Technology that left its mark on projects from Airbnb, Coinbase or Dropbox (among others). Altman managed to break into the technology sectorAnd between 2015-2016, he was able to run the Y Combinator Research lab to become the chairman of YC Group in the year 2016.

Sam Altman was labeled by Forbes as one of the world’s greatest investors under the age of 30, and after various insights, Wanted to delve into OpenAI project in 2019, Said artificial intelligence research company has gained popularity thanks to the DALL-E and ChatGTP tools, due to the fact that they demonstrate considerable technical potential.

ChatGPT is developed by OpenAI company.

A year later, an agreement was announced between OpenAI and Microsoft so that the technology giant could obtain an exclusive license for GTP-3, however, the new tool that is in vogue today receives millions of daily connections.

If I wrap up the news with ChatGTP, Altman recently wrote on his Twitter profile that “ChatGTP is limited, but good enough at some things to create a deceptive impression of greatness. Right now for anything significant It is a mistake to rely on it.” , this is a preview in progress. We have a lot of work to do In terms of solidity and truthfulness.

ChatGPT still has a long way to go, but there’s no doubt that Sam Altman will incorporate new advancements to turn his technology into a great tool.

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