ChatGPT, the latest in artificial intelligence that will make things tough for Google

Google has been trying to improve the search results it provides for some time now, however, it is still far from solving its problems. Sometimes the options provided by search engines are not the most accurate results and Finding the information you seek can be complicated.

Faced with these shortcomings, Google has emerged as a rival that answers user queries more quickly. it’s about artificial intelligence GPT-3, OpenAI Chatbot (Elon Musk’s company behind DALL-E).

This technique is starting to be used in university jobs, as we discussed a few days back at 20BITS. Its results are accurate for searches and are received instantly, so the idea came to make a browser with this AI Could become a real threat to Google.

Over at TechCrunch Media they put GTP-3 and Google to the test to see what results they returned on the same topic. Specifically, the reporter for one article asked about the strengths and weaknesses of the different types of Pokémon. As you can see in the pictures, OpenAI’s AI results were more straightforward compared to google.

The results of discovering the weaknesses and strengths of a Pokémon's type in AI.
The results of discovering the weaknesses and strengths of a Pokémon’s type in AI.
tech crunch
Google search results on Pokémon type weaknesses and strengths.
Google search results on Pokémon type weaknesses and strengths.
tech crunch

Version 1.1.0 has been released yesterday.

GPT-3 is very easy to use, just sign up with a Google or Microsoft account already registered with Beta.OpenAI and ask questions. AI allows you to correct the answers and It is available in English and Spanish, although the English version is better trained. Also, there is an option that it is an extension of Google itself.

Questions that may be asked range from mathematical calculations and history to more philosophical questions about the meaning of life and legal issues. However, if you’re trying to figure out how to rob a bank with GPT-3, it won’t give you any tricks to do so, It will remind you that it is “not appropriate or legal” to do so.

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