Chavo del 8: This was the humble home where Ramon Valdés lived

Mr. Ramonloved by Ramon ValdesHas always been one of the most beloved characters in children’s series “The Boy From Eight”, And it is that the grumpy, but docile father of La Chilindrina and Chavo’s always-beating boss landed in the hearts of fans across America. And this is something that becomes apparent every time the characters travel for their tours.

The character of La Vecindad had many points in common with the real Ramon Valdes, But what they certainly didn’t share was Grumpy, because in real life its interpreter Mr. Ramon He was very nice and very generous with his fans (especially with children). What the two Ramones definitely shared in common was humility. Because, neighbors of the same kind “The Boy From Eight” He didn’t have a lot of money, the actor didn’t even have a huge fortune.

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