Chef Yolo from “VLA” conquers in front of the mirror and shows off her fitness figure with a low back

it’s no secret “Come on Joey” Has positioned itself as one of the main morning shows on Mexican television for many years. Its entertaining dynamic, fun games, interviews and creative reporting by its energetic hosts and program members set it apart.

Despite the fact that magazine-format production tv azteca Competes directly with the programs “Hoy” from Televisa, and “Sale el Sol” from Imagen Television, the truth is that currently the “VLA” (as it is usually shortened in mentions on social networks) itself has managed to establish itself as one of the programs with the highest Mexican television tuning.

One of the main reasons for the victory of this production in the affection of the public is thanks to its different dynamism and sections, including some that are related to entertainment, physical activity, Singing, Arts, Social, Beauty, Lifestyle, Challenges, Comedy and of course a cooking segment.

The chef who conquered “VLA”

Within this last category, undoubtedly one of the most remembered personalities chef yolo, who became very popular on Mexican television thanks to his work in this program, where he starred in one of the funniest pairings with the late presenter Fernando del Solarwho was named “her assistant” and with whom she shared all kinds of experiences in the kitchen.

Despite the success and outstanding talent of Yolo, head of the culinary section of the famous program, the truth is that in 2014 influencer He stopped appearing on the small screen and moved completely to the digital platform where he currently dedicates himself to what he loves the most, i.e. food and drink.

On her personal Instagram account, the renowned chef has nearly 130,000 followers, who appreciate each and every recipe the successful creator uploads, while using her social networks to share various moments from her day-to-day life, including Her various appearances include attending prestigious restaurants and now a picture of Chef Yolo has created a ruckus in which she looks radiant and flaunts herself as a lady. Health In front of the mirror, she works in exercises with a dress that shows off her silhouette and complements it with a good diet.

Chef Yolo has earned the affection of the public, who now appreciates each and every selfie he takes. Photo IG: Yolomata


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