China claims it has reduced video game addiction among its teenagers thanks to this decision

The Chinese government had a plan to crack video game addiction in 2021, and we reported on it in 20 minutes. Now, the South China Morning Post has announced that “Over 75% of players under the age of 18 had limited their playing time According to a report by the Publishing Committee of the China Game Publishers Association, up to three hours a week.

The rule they implemented last year included a ‘curfew’ of sorts for China’s smallest players. they could only play for three hours divided between Friday, Saturday and Sunday (one hour daily).

Thanks to the good results, the government body assured that it is willing to ease strict regulations against the video game industry in the region. To prevent users from breaking the rules, large Chinese gaming companies, such as Tencent, implemented measures that used facial recognition technology. It separated minors from those over the age of 18.

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The possible relaxation of China’s strict rules imposed on video game companies comes as China’s state media People’s Daily wrote an editorial. To “explore the value of the electronic game industry in depth”, listing it as “an opportunity we cannot afford to miss”. The People’s Daily publication chose the European Union as an example, which has given “extremely high economic, technological, cultural and even strategic value” to video games.

Despite the fact that 75% of minors limit their time playing video games, some have managed to circumvent the ban. According to Reuters, many young they rented or bought accounts to access your favorite games or resorted to your parents’ accounts to continue playing.

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