China completes its space station with the launch of the third module

Mengtian Laboratory, the latest module to complete the Chinese space station, has successfully docked As for the rest of the infrastructure, China’s Space Agency for Manned Missions (AEMT) reported.

The AEMT detailed that the docking of the unmanned vessel took place at 04:27 local time on Tuesday (20:27 GMT on Monday).

The mission lasted about thirteen hours in total, because The module’s carrier Long March-5B Y4 rocket took off this Monday from Wenchang Space Base in the southern province of Hainan at 3:37 pm local time (07:37 GMT).

Eight minutes after liftoff, the Mengtian transport separated from the rocket and entered the planned orbit so that it could dock with the central module hours later. Tiangong Space Station, which has a crew of three ‘Taikonauts’ (as cosmonauts are called in China), who arrived on the spacecraft last June for a six-month mission.

Mengtian, Tianhe Core Module and Wentian, along with other laboratory, Already united as space station TiangongWith the shape of the letter T after the coupling made in this last mission.

The new module is 17.8 meters long and 4.2 meters in diameter. It weighed around 23.3 tonnes at launch,

This an area especially for work and sporting activities for AstronautUnlike the other two modules, which contain the bathroom and bedroom.

Image of the launch of the Ventian module aboard the Long March 5B rocket.

The Chinese space station, named “Heavenly Palace” in Mandarin, will weigh around 70 tons and is expected to To work for about 15 years while orbiting about 400 km above the surface of the earth,

In 2024, it is likely to become the world’s only space station if International Space StationAn initiative led by the United States and to which China has been denied access because of military ties to its space program, withdraws that year as planned,

In recent years, the Chinese space program has achieved successes such as the landing of the Chang’e 4 probe. hidden face of the moon – Achieved for the first time – and reached Mars for the first time, becoming Third country – after the United States and the former Soviet Union – to land,

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