China launches a ship with three astronauts to complete construction of its space station

chinese spaceship Shenzhou-15 flew to Tiangong Space Station yesterday With three astronauts on board, it is expected to remain in it for half a year to complete its construction.

The launch was successfully carried out from the Jiuquan (China) base shortly after 11:00 pm local Spanish time. a rocket Long March 2F Y15 sent Shenzhou-15 into spaceWhose crew is composed of Fei Junlong, Deng Qingming and Zhang Lu, with the most senior Fei commander.

three astronauts Will take over from the three ‘taykonauts’ currently on board Apart from those from the space station and those who arrived last June, the two groups will remain together for about a week, after which the current crew members will return to Earth.

During their stay, Junlong, Qingming and Lu will monitor the arrival of the Tianzhou-6 cargo spacecraft and verify the module’s capability in its current T-shaped arrangement. On the other hand, they will conduct more than 40 scientific experiments, technical tests and they will make three or four extraordinary journeys,

Shenzhou-15’s components will be the last to remain aboard Tiangong during its construction phase, in addition, in the coming months, The space station will expand and reach its largest size,

Chinese space station to be dubbed ‘Heavenly Palace’ Operating for 15 years orbiting at a distance of about 400 km from the Earth’s surface, In 2024, it is likely to be the only one in operation if the International Space Station is retired that year as planned.

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