China leaves Russia for its moon base and seeks new partners

China seeks new partners to carry out its next mission to the Moon, while abandoning Russia’s presence for what purpose? look for new opportunities Which improves the national interests of the country.

Chinese space officials presented several opportunities for international cooperation on the country’s plans during a session at the International Astronaut Congress (IAC). Wang Qiang (Member of the Lunar Exploration and Space Engineering Center of the National Space Administration of China) said that China was open to proposals For its ‘Chang’e-6’ lunar orbit and landing mission.

Currently, Chang’e-6 Sweden and ESA . has a participation As a negative ion detector, an Italian retroreflector, a French radon instrument, and a Pakistani CubeSat called ICUBE-Q.

China is currently inviting partners to join its already planned and approved Chang’e lunar mission to begin by the end of the decade. Though, consider was presented as a joint project between Russia and China in 2021.

During the session at IAC Russian country was not mentioned In addition, the lack of representation reflects sensitivity in the current geopolitical context due to the invasion of Ukraine.

The Red Planet contains 18 artifacts made by humanity.

Marco Alberti (senior researcher at the European Institute for Space Policy) points out in Space News that “whether in space or elsewhere, China has a very realistic view of Russia And partnering with Moscow has never been Beijing’s preferred outcome, as the two countries are not natural partners.”

Alberti says China is worried Building a US-led alternativeNot only from a programmatic perspective but also from a standard point of view.

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