China’s daughter stuns in stunning pink dress

isadora figueroaThe beautiful daughter of the “father of Mexico” Chayanneon social media a. Gaining a following by posing with Nuevo Dress Who further embellished his Instagram profile long dress One big . with front opening From loose and formal wear.

21 year old dressed mexican pink color one of which was big crack in the back which revealed the curvy silhouette of the Rio Piedras singer’s daughter, Puerto Rico. Plus, a huge black belt gave Isadora’s outfit even more aesthetic, which she paired with heels in the same color as her dress.

Isadora made the most of her outfit by posting several photos with the same outfit, the image of which was published in different poses, the latter being the daughter of the famous singer “I leave everything” Caveats in the title:

“The last one (sic), I swear to you.”

Isadora is ruining sexuality in the network. Photo: IG

On attending the award ceremony Billboard Latin Music Awards 2022 developed into Watsco Center from the city of miamiIsadora Figueroa wore the clothes whose first photo and video were published last Friday, September 30.

Chayne received “Icon” award

Chayenne was the biggest star of the night in Miami with her family, as she received icon award For him trajectory,

In addition to receiving such recognition, Chayne performed his new songs: “I love you period” You “like you and me”The reaction from the public to which the new singer was in total joy of acceptance.

Isadora Figueroa accompanied her father to her brother lawrence For the award ceremony, when the charming girl didn’t miss the chance To post a video on their Instagram account in which the trio took part.

Isadora with her father and brother. Photo: IG

In her final post with the pink dress outfit, Isadora continues to celebrate the new success of her father, who hopes to enjoy the same results, albeit behind the scenes, as the beautiful young woman is devoted. songwriting And not in singing like the Chinese do.

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5 photos that show Chayene’s daughter Isadora inherited her father’s beauty

Like her father, Isadora Figueroa confirms that she is China’s daughter with her voice.


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