Chiquiladas cast member Karina Castaneda, known for her role as “Chistorita”, passes away

Within Mexican television, it was one of the most successful comedy shows during the 1980s. “Chiquiladas”, Creating a family style that had charismatic children as protagonists, for whom it became a center of genius, was one of these stars. Karina CastanedaWho unfortunately died on this 4th of October at the age of 47 years.

Sensitive news was released by “The Sorcerer Roddy”, with whom the famous woman known as “Karina Chistorita” worked as his assistant, before being part of various sketches in which he worked with artists such as Carlos Espejel. who was known as “Chiquidracula”.

The reasons why the famous lost his life are still unknown, however, this news has already been circulated in various media of national dissemination. fans of “Chistorita” They are waiting for a relative or official source to provide more details about the death of the actress who captivated the public with her biological essence as a child.

It is worth mentioning that Kareena He also served as a companion sketch With iconic characters from this production, like “Chikidracula”, “Incredible Mini”, “Fulanita la Huerfanita”, among other characters, commanded by Humberto Navarro.

She was one of the youngest of the famous cast when she was part of “Chiquiladas”, which was one of the reasons why she won the hearts of the audience that followed the project in those years. televisaWhich mesmerized people of all ages with this program.

Karina Castaneda was born in 1975, so she was 47 years old when she lost her life, and after her death, was known on platforms such as Twitter Some who have been fans of the children’s program have expressed their condolences over the unfortunate news.


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