Christian Chávez Responds to Sergio Mayor Mori’s Criticism of “RBD” and Sparks Controversy

was one of the most successful musical events in Mexico”rbd“A pop band spun off from a soap opera”Rebel“, a remake of the Argentine telenovela “Rebeled Way”, whose audience level was so good that it also generated waves of fans and hymns dedicated to the group. However, there are some people who were not impressed by the band, among them Sergio Mayer MoriWho eagerly participated in the sequel created for the Netflix project.

“Yes I’m projecting, yes I’m doing rbd… yes I have to sing them (songs) by contract, but I hate rbd… I don’t like the songs, I have never seen this akhada… This is the reality.’ Son of Barbara Mori In May 2021, an issue that sparked the fury of fans of the original Mexican group.

And although the Netflix project generated a lot of expectations, the reality is that in the end it did not generate the expected effect and at least did not exceed the audience that was in the first season of the Mexican version of “Rebelde”, performed by several actors. Attributed to the statements made, which is now involved in a dispute with the mother of his daughter. But, leaving this aside, it is worth noting that the opinion of former member of rbd Later Controversial statements of Mayor Mori,

This was specifically for “De Primera Mano”. Christian Chavez questioned about his Son of former member of “Sola Para Mujeres”Noting that he didn’t take it personally as he was also young and also said things that weren’t quite right.

The singer said, “She’s a kid, I was a kid too and I said and did stupid things, and as an adult I keep saying them.” expression of freedom of expression, as during his youth he often repressed himself and even had to delete photographs because he did not feel comfortable expressing his true personality and sexual orientation.

“Right now it’s me, it’s me now; right now what they see on Instagram is who I am, a fluid person, a quirky person, a person finding myself and the best of tomorrow I’ll be another kind of person.” I like to wear clothes of clothes, but it’s me, what you see is what you get,” he concluded Christian Chavez,

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