Christian Nodal suffering in silence from an STD; he regrets his don juan stage

Christian Nodal has been involved in scandals in recent months, from his multiple victories, his current relationship with 28-year-old rapper Kaizu, and the recent images that went viral in an uncomfortable position. And it’s that the singer, at 23, lived through everything, so we spoke with a man who is a friend of the family she works with and confessed to us that Nodal had been drinking alcohol for many years. suffering, which he had seen in his parents from a child; He also told us that the relationship with him is somewhat complicated. But the most shocking thing is that this person confessed to us that Nodal has a sexually transmitted disease:

– What happened after this incident of seeing Nodal in an uncomfortable position in Las Vegas?
“The truth is that those of us who are close are not surprised that they have seen him that way, for it is already normal for him; sadly, he did not realize the serious problem caused by alcoholism and Now that he has seen it, he is embarrassed and angry, because it was something he wanted to hide.

-But shouldn’t he have behaved well and things were about to change?
“He said that with teeth, the truth was that he was sober only a few days, with or without taking bad steps, but he again fell sharply into the overindulgence and consumption of alcohol, which is already overflowing. “It happens without control and we spend it just covering it up so almost nobody knows.”

But tell me something, is this prohibition like this or is he a social drinker?
“It’s alcoholism, he’s had this problem for many years and although he’s often tried to stay sober, he overindulges and drinks.”

– On the other hand, and speaking of Kaizu, how is your relationship with him?
“To be honest, they are cool, but I don’t see them as enthusiastic as other occasions; I mean, they share a lot in common, but it’s not like their other two big relationships.”

-Why would it be?
“He brings up a topic that’s actually a little painful… I’m not that, and I’m sorry to say that.”

-What is this about?
“When he broke up with Belinda, in early February this year, everyone knew she was a woman, with one girl and then another, because they caught her so many times; they didn’t even know a lot. didn’t run, but he used to mess with as many women as he could. On the one hand we said: ‘he got hurt, that’s normal’, but there came a point where he only thought about sex, regardless Living with women.

Christian Nodal Receives Dangerous Medical Diagnosis Because of His 'Crazy Life'

-What result?
“Last April he detected herpes, because it was found to be some of the lesions that worried him, he went to study and he detected the disease.”

-What do you think!…
“Yeah, the truth is, it scared him a lot, because he didn’t know why this was happening to him, but his crazy life gave him results of this size. Apparently, he’s currently undergoing treatment and he needs to is being controlled, but the doctor told them that it is a virus that can re-emerge; that being in your body, it can re-sprout at any moment”

Of course, it’s something that doesn’t go away…

“Exactly; in fact, he is ashamed to even comment on what happened to him, only his family and those close to him know about it.”

Christian Nodal Receives Dangerous Medical Diagnosis Because of His 'Crazy Life'

-So, from whom was Belinda saved …
“Yeah, because since it ended, all aspects of it have fallen drastically, and as I was saying, right now he is sober, though he cannot leave wine and other substances to the world; but hey, We have already explained you a thousand ways and if you don’t understand it will be your problem. He is no longer a child and just as he messed with every woman and contracted herpes, he also knows that alcohol is his Can damage voice, if he wants to end his career early then it will be his role.

-Your family, what does it say?
“I don’t know if you know, but his parents have this problem with alcohol too; in fact, they drink with him at times, they have tremendous parties and there’s one he has to live with and have to check that they don’t get out of control, and even more so that they leak into the network; there’s already a rule among them: if they drink in excess, they don’t take their cell phone So that don’t upload anything or do something that they might regret later.

Christian Nodal Receives Dangerous Medical Diagnosis Because of His 'Crazy Life'

-So, they are supporting this nodal position…
“Look, perhaps what I’m going to tell you, few people know, but Christians have been accustomed to living in an environment of alcohol for many years, as their parents, since they (referring to Nodal and his brothers) There were boys, they were always drinking and it was normal to see both Don Jaime and Mrs. Christie in the back.

“Yes, at parties and family gatherings, even at home, it was normal to see gentlemen drinking. Nodal has said that since he was a child, his parents drank alone and it was his lifestyle, that he often viewed them as such and that his first intoxication was with them, as his father told him: ‘If You’re going to drink, I’ll teach you that he doesn’t kill you so much’, and he started drinking when he was barely 17 years old.

In other words, drinking alcohol for at least five years…
“As I was saying, sometimes he manages to stay calm and in good shape for a few weeks, but don’t let a bottle or party with his own family or friends get in his way, because that party and there is no one to stop him. Obviously it keeps on increasing, at first it was less, but with the passage of time and his drinking pattern got out of control, it can be said that The past three years have been full of excesses, whether at work, with friends or when he composes, as he locks himself in his studies and does not stop drinking. He has many complications and things from the past that he has yet to overcome, and this also leads him to drink to forget.

– In what way?
“His parents separated when he was a child, he was very young and they lived apart for three years; They later met again and had two other children. Obviously he doesn’t remember it because, as I was telling you, he was a kid, but he always played that part of being the big brother and who had to go through a lot of things. Christian started working to help his family at the age of 11, so since he was a child he had to work for the family and minors were fine; But there is also the unconditional love of his mother, who never let him go and who, apart from mother and son, became the best of friends till date. Now his parents have been married for twenty four years and they are happy. Nodal is happy with this, though he has always demanded things from him.

Christian Nodal Receives Dangerous Medical Diagnosis Because of His 'Crazy Life'

– Like what?
“Between jokes and jokes, the truth is always told. As I was saying, he brings a lot of saved things, because money was something he didn’t have, and it’s not like he was an ambitious kid or things like that, but at Christmas, if Santa would give him something. So it was something simple and his brother brought something much better; In fact, she has said that several times she told her parents: ‘I prefer them fat because they are poor,’ because they never gave her things. A few weeks ago the video also went viral where he says his sister was given a car she always wanted: ‘They didn’t give me a pi$% cell phone, always paying me to get everything’ Had and %$ I wanted,’ he says in the video, and apparently, that’s a rancor that he vents. And so I can tell you many more things.

-Today, how do you get on with your mother?
“Look, the close relations they had for some time are not the same as before; Obviously they keep talking and getting to know each other, but that doesn’t affect him as much as she used to. It is that he had an opinion on everything and if he said no, then Christian did not, speaking both professionally and personally. The woman kept him tied up for many years and now that he has rebelled, problems arise. The lady always likes to send and order, sometimes Christian pays attention to her, but other times she doesn’t and that’s when problems arise.

Christian Nodal Receives Dangerous Medical Diagnosis Because of His 'Crazy Life'

-so much so?
“Of course; what’s more, sometimes he didn’t even decide what to wear because his mother told him which shirt he liked and what he didn’t, imagine! That brings a feeling against his parents.” ; As I was saying, ever since he started working when he was a kid and never ‘thank you’, ‘I love you, have this’, that has affected him a lot. But part of it It is also that mother has always influenced him; in fact, one thing that makes even those of us who know the story laugh right now.”

-What are you talking about?
“As everyone knows, Christian is dedicating songs to his girlfriends, but it’s always the same (laughs), because it turns out that Joan Sebastian (RIP), this song from ‘Asso y Mas’ Mrs. is one of them. Whenever he has a girlfriend, she dedicates it to him… just now he has dedicated her too to Kaizu”.

Christian Nodal Receives Dangerous Medical Diagnosis Because of His 'Crazy Life'

– How is your relationship with your father?
“As the man is dedicated to promoting with his record label SG Music, on the one hand he supported his son, but on the other he did not want him to dedicate himself to it, as he knew it was a difficult career. Here the fundamental piece for him to continue his dreams was his mother, she always supported him. Previously, three children were considered artists, Nodal with his brothers Amelie and Jaime Alonso, but only Nodal Music continued, because he has the gift; in fact, his relationship with his father is also tumultuous, as he decided for a long time about his career, but not now. He also remembers that In March of this year, the father had ceded contracts to appropriate material that Christian had produced and was from his label, and sued him for concealment and submission of documents with which he was a was committing a crime and he was also worried Christian, because he saw that his parents were doing wrong.”

-But then again, is it already fixed?
“Already, the parents had to admit that they sued for suitable music which was the right of the label (Universal), they withdrew it, and that’s why now Nodal is already single and Now yes, the music he makes would be Boss on Hundred, but that was a big family problem,” he concluded.

Christian Nodal Receives Dangerous Medical Diagnosis Because of His 'Crazy Life'

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