Christmas is Coming and With It the Gifts: The Best Apps and Websites to Make Invisible Friends

The invisible friend is synonymous with Christmas. Every year thousands of people visit physical stores or electronic stores to buy the perfect gift. Previously, drawings were made with paper, but thanks to technological advances, those interested can resort to the following applications:

secret santa 22

This application gives gifts for invisible friend in a simple and free way. Users have to create a group, enter the date of delivery of the gifts and mark a pAnswer, Participants can be added via email or by sharing the group link on other apps,

When the interested parties have joined, a raffle will be held and Everyone will receive an email or notification with invisible friends

invisible friend is 22 Available on Android and iOS.


Enter a list of names and let Dedoman match them randomly as well as the app can Display result on screen or send result to the concerned person.

It is not necessary for all participants to install Dedoman, as a URL will be generated and can be accessed through any browser or application,

ddomain is Available on iOS and Android.

Users have had a hard time getting their hands on the console since it came out due to the chip crisis.

secret santa app

With this platform you can create a group of people and register the names and the people who don’t want to touch each other, in this way the mobile will be responsible for taking out the draw. Users have to pass the phone between themselves so that each one can sneak a peek at their invisible friend,

Draws are not saved on the device in any way so it is completely private and each one will be different. the app itself Available on Android,

A portion of the money earned from Clippy's jersey will go to low-income college students.

my invisible friend

My Secret Santa follows the same formula as Secret Santa 22. i.e, You will need to create an event, set a budget for the gift, and select contacts To automatically generate the draw. Information with the name of the person will be sent by email or SMS.

application only you can Download on iOS.

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