Christmas Mode On: Philips Hue presents a smart string of lights that link to Spotify

This year your Christmas lights can go to the rhythm of All I Want for Christmas is You, Jingle Bells, The Fish in the River or any other Christmas carol you usually play to liven up Christmas dinner, which is getting closer and closer are coming Signify, a specialist in lighting equipment, announces its new lighting Philips Hue Festavia Which are compatible with Samsung Smart Things and Spotify.

Signify Mala Remedies 20 metropolis in which they are distributed 230 mini led Which can be used to decorate balconies, stair railings or Christmas trees. Lights have various functions that can be controlled from the Hue app, such as dimming the lights, turning them on and off, changing their color, or setting timers and schedules.

The lights dim or brighten to the beat of the music when connected to Spotify.
The lights dim or brighten to the beat of the music when connected to Spotify.
Philips Hue

By pairing Philips Hue Festavia with music on Spotify, the light flickers, dims and flashes for rhythm. This can set the scene for Christmas night, but can also be used for any other special date you’d like to feature additional decorations.

Users can also control their system remotely, from an app, or with voice commands.

Philips Hue Festavia has candle and fireplace effect To provide a welcoming environment. they also have glow effectthat blinks each MiniLED just like traditional Christmas lights, and SpilledWhich displays the lights as a color gradient with five random colors.

The recommended retail price of the device, available from November 15, is 159,99 euro, Jasper Vercourt, Philips Hue business leader at Signify, sees fixtures like the Festavia “with the goal of expanding the ways that users can experience lighting in their homes.”

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