Chromecast with Google TV (HD): An Inexpensive Device to Watch All Your Streaming Content From Your Regular TV

Smart devices are the breadwinner of our homes and, if we don’t have them, we find them somehow, especially with something we use every day, like a television. Not all users already watch television channels, but This does not mean that they have stopped using these devices to view audio-visual material. And that’s where smart TVs come into play.

However, for those who have good TVs that are still useful to them, they don’t want to invest hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars for a smart one. For them, there are tools with the help of which they can convert them into smart TVs, such as chromecast with google tv (HD), which you can get for €39.99 (the lowest price we’ve ever seen). Now, you can also get it for 29.99 euros during Amazon’s Black Friday.

The device only needs to be powered on via a USB-C port and connected to a TV via an HDMI cable in order to work. While previous versions required using a mobile to send content, Chromecast with Google TV allows you to navigate the television that has turned into a Smart TV. With a small remote included in the box.

Features of Chromecast with Google TV

The configuration of the device is very simple: you only need to connect the HDMI port to the TV, Connect it to a Wi-Fi network from home (remotely or via ethernet cable) and you’re good to go.

The system is powered by a 1.8GHz quad-core Amlogic S805X3 processor and ARM Mali-G31 MP2 GPU, with 1.5GB of RAM. This processor provides A fairly fluid response speed.

There’s also a WiFi 802.11ac connection and Bluetooth 4.1. Thanks to this technology, the device supports HDR10, HDR10+ and 1080p with HLG and Dolby Atmos.

Xiaomi's generation of F2 televisions has three sizes: 43"50" Y 55",

Material and design of Chromecast with Google TV

According to Google, 49% by weight (55 grams) of plastic parts is recycled content, showing its commitment to the environment. Furthermore, it is available in white and salmon colors with matching remote control.

Most of the plastic material in the device is recycled.
Most of the plastic material in the device is recycled.

Its dimensions are 162.5 x 61 x 12.5 millimeters, quite small To be able to hide it behind the television without being too ostentatious.

The remote operates with two AAA batteries (included in the package) and ten buttons: from google assistantof netflixof youtubeof beginningof microphoneFor BackFor change input, For turn on and off for television and volume up and down, It also has a large button for moving around the interface and clicking on content.

The device needs to be connected to a WiFi signal and connected to the TV via cable, however, it is worth it when we consider its price and quality.

how is the interface

This Chromecast works with Google TV instead of Android TV. Their modus operandi are quite similar: with Recommendations for movies, series and shows Depending on the user’s taste of the main platforms. The suggested content is from the streaming services that the individual chooses when configuring the device.

The difference between Google TV and Android TV is that content prevails across platforms. Therefore, on the main page, the recommended content is fully displayed first and then the installed applications.

Thanks to Chromecast with Google TV, users can access Netflix, RTVE, Disney+, YouTube, TV3, Prime Video, HBO, DAZN, Google Photos, Meet and more, In total, the device has 8 GB of memory, but only half can be used to download the platforms we want to enjoy.

Games can also be enjoyed from Google Play, however, there are not too many titles available. In short, the controller is not used to play, but instead has to be synced with its own Bluetooth controller, so despite having these games, the Chromecast is not designed to play with Google TV. .

voice commands

using the google assistant button On the remote, users can tell the Chromecast to play a specific series or search for a specific genre or actor. Another option is to turn it on by setting it up with your Nest speaker or display ‘Hey Google’.

score 9

  • Best: Best price and liquidity for Chromecast with Google TV to date.
    Worst: It’s not compatible with Dolby Video and must always be connected to the current.

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