Cine d’Oro beautiful actress who debuted with Antonio Aguilar and had a son who won in Hoy

there are many stars gold cinema who have left a great legacy for their talents and formed important dynasties of actors, as in this case beautiful actresswho began his artistic career in the late 1960s and made his First entry On the big screen with singer and actor Anthony Aguilariachieving a successful career that has surpassed even their children, because one of the Wins as host of the morning show “Hoy”,

Norma edith herrera Ysunza is the full name of the actress who was born on May 24, 1942 in Ciudad del Carmen, Campeche in addition to her career cine and television gained fame as a singer and dubbing in several productions Disney –Like Evangelina Elisondo who played “Cinderella” – to captivate the public for her talent, but also for being a beautiful woman who mesmerizes with her green eyes.

His debut with Antonio Aguillaro

She became a teacher at a very young age, and although she had already obtained her degree, it was her interest in acting that led to Norma to seek opportunities in the artistic medium, and therefore only at the age of 19 he entered cine This was his official debut, with the film “The Masked Rider”, in which he shared the credits. Anthony AguilariFormer Miss World Susanna Duin, and singer Javier Solisso,

Norma Herrera captivated film and television with her beauty. Photo: Special

Although Herrera reached its final stage in the Golden Age of Cinema, she was able to launch a successful career in the industry, which led to her recording nearly 30 films, including “El Patruleiro 777″, out 1978, in which She was able to record together with Mario Moreno.”cantinflasConsidered one of the most important comedians in our country, among other titles:” El Cara Parchada (1980)”, “Noche de Jurga” (1981), “Alla en el Rancho de las Flores” (1983) ), “Escape to Destiny” (1987) and “But I’m Still the King” (1988), among many others.

beautiful actress He also entered the world of soap operas, standing in for dozens of productions; She made her small screen debut with a character in the production “A Cry in the Dark”. He brought his work in melodrama with the big screen.

He has appeared in the soap operas: “Gypsy Passion”, “The Carriage”, “The Curse”, “A Lucky Family”, “Sea of ​​Love”, “Brave Love”, “Scars of the Soul”, “The Boss”. ” and “Three Women”, just to mention a few. Also, herrera She also developed into a singer, in dubbing, she stood out in the 90s voicing Mrs. Potts for Disney cartoons, “beauty and the Beast,

Raul Araiza’s mother Norma Herrera

Norma was the producer’s wife raul ariza, deceased in January 2013, whom she divorced. They had two children from their marriage, who also ventured into the artistic medium, their firstborn. raul arizawhich currently works as conductor morning of televisabarge“, and debuted in the cinema as a child artist with the diva Maria Felix, and Armando Ariza, remembered for his participation in dozens of soap operas and films.

In addition, Herrera has four granddaughters: Roberta and Camilla, daughters of raulAnd from Romina and Paulina armando, beautiful actress She has shown that she is very close to her family, and what she enjoys the most is spending time with them. “Living together as a family is essential to personal growth,” Norma said on an occasion for Univision Network.

Beautiful actress Raul is Ariza’s mother. Photo: Special

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