Cine d’Oro: She was the woman who left Pedro Infante on the day of his funeral

Pedro InfanteConsidered one of the best actors in the Cine d’Oro, tragically died at the age of 39. Apart from his countless films, he also left a musical legacy in ranchera music. And, although he was praised by many for showing a family image, he actually had many love affairs.

After his death, some theories arose, as some lovers of the conspiracy believe that he was sent to kill because of lover’s affairs and would have involved former President Miguel Allemán. However, three relationships were known to be formally: Maria Luisa LeonBut their romance did not last long.

then he reached the spot Lupita Torrentera, a young dancer who was only 15 years old, but with whom she built a family with three children. in spite of everything, Pedro Infante I would have been unfaithful to him with any other actress. And, despite being the mother of his children, she left them at his funeral.

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Who was Lupita Torrentera? the woman with whom Pedro Infante had children

Near torrenteraThe Golden Cinema idol Pedro, conceived of Lupita and Graciela, died a year after the latter was born. At present, only his daughter Lupita is still alive and carries the legacy of Mexican actor, The relationship between the young woman and Pedro Infante did not last long, as Irma was clearly infidelity with Dorantes.

after his death, Lupita Torrentera did not appear at Pedro Infante’s funeralEven though he was the father of her children. And, although at first everyone thought it was because of the animosity he had towards her, she revealed that she wanted to honor her relationship with her love rival and because she was already with another couple. She was a famous Mexican driver.

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