Cine d’Oro: the terrible disease that led to the death of the only daughter of George Negrete

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actor George Negrete had countless anecdotes, he was not a great friend of ‘Cantinflas’, But there were also great misfortunes in his family, such as He lost his only daughter to a terrible disease.

Who was the only daughter of George Negret?

only daughter of George Negrete was called Diana NegreteThe Mexican was Charo’s darling and was always determined to honor the legacy left by her father.

Diana Negret Crockett was the only daughter during George Negret and Alyssa Christie’s marriage that began in 1940 and ended in 1942, she was Charo’s heart and never hid it.

According to the anecdotes of the time, alyssa christie She is believed to have left George when she was pregnant, as she learned of her husband’s affair with Gloria Marin and was not going to allow deception in their relationship.

Even then, Diana Negret always remembered George As a pampered father who was aware of his development.

Diana Negret always remembered her father as a loving person. , Photo: Special

What was George Negret’s only daughter, Diana doing?

Although he tried to foray into the world of acting, he was fond of location and dubbing, which he did till the end of his days.

In the life of Diana Negret there were five children, Deborah, Diana Irene, Raphael, Liliana and LorenzoSome of them also followed the family tradition.

Diana Irene is an announcer and dubbing actress, so she has, for her part, followed in her mother’s footsteps. Raphael and Lawrence They are musicians and little is known about Deborah and Lorenzo.

What terrible disease did Diana Negret suffer from?

Before Dying, Diana Negrete He was in poor health for several days, as he was diagnosed with lung cancer and was also suffering from diabetes, a disease he had been suffering from for years.

His death was reported on October 21, 2021, But some confirm that it was before his death, although no one could confirm it.

Rafael NegretHis son, was the one who confirmed his mother’s unfortunate departure and revealed the place where the Mexican Charo’s daughter would rest.

“Thank you so much for each of your condolence messages. Sorry if I haven’t answered you. The funeral is today at 2:00 pm Pantheon Jardin”, wrote Raphael last year.

In the end, that was the end of Diana NegreteGeorge was Negret’s only daughter and who devoted a large part of her life to honoring the memory of her father.

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