Clara Chia Marti may have ended her courtship with Gerard Pique because of Shakira

everything indicates that the relationship between Gerard Piqué why Clara Chia Marti hanging by a thread, as international media indicated the Spanish company would already have End Huh The engagement with the employer for carelessness of shakiraA situation that has begun to worry both the former player and the Colombian’s followers who are aware of the controversy.

a few days ago shakira as Gerard Piqué They signed their separation agreement, where important points were touched upon, such as custody of their children, and that the former player agreed that both Sasha and Milan go to live with their mother in Miami, this On the condition that he can go to visit them on vacation and hang out with them. It is also rumored that he may already be looking for a new home on the Florida coast, in order to be more united with the little ones in this moving process.

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