Clara Chia Marti’s health problem that ruined a romantic date with Gerard Piqué

Obviously not everything is in a honey and flakes relationship Clara Chia Marti why Gerard PiquéWell, in the recent pictures of the couple, you can see how the 23-year-old is not making a good face while holding the hand of the ex-player. Although at first, it was their first crisis since their courtship began, it is now believed that the Spanish woman had a health problem what Ruined romantic date with the employer after agreement with shakira And that’s why the uneasiness was visible on his face.

too many exits Romantic in which they are caught Gerard Piqué why Clara Chia Marti, where most, if not all, come out with smiles on their faces, a situation that confirmed that the couple was going through their best moment. However, he recently another where the Spanish did not bring the best face, a situation which left thousands in confusion.

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