Clara Chia reappears with a new face alongside Gérard Pique; This is what it looks like after a radical physical change

After rumors of an alleged break between Gerard Piqué why Clara Chia Marti When they were caught very much in love at the airport on their way to Prague to celebrate their wedding anniversary, another controversy surrounded the couple and that is, the Spanish reappears why Luce In front of the cameras of the press and users, with new faceis showing original Change physicist This surprised many, including his critics and fans. shakira,

after signing a separation agreement with shakira, Gerard Piqué was involved in various rumors claiming that he had a relationship with Clara Chia Marti was in decline, as he no longer felt comfortable with the harassment of the press. However, all this information vanished when the lovebirds were caught at the Barcelona airport to take a fleeting vacation in Prague.

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