‘Coco’, ‘The Jungle Book’ and Disney characters created by Hector Bonilla

A few days ago we lost one of Mexico’s great interpreters; Hector Bonilla not only stood out as an actor, he also contributed a lot to cinema with his participation as a dubbing actor in these incredible productions, did you remember him?

The unfortunate death of Hector Bonilla, actor in the movies, in the afternoon of November 25 red Dawn by George Fons, and breakfast chronicle, He had a brilliant acting career not only in cinema, but also in theater and television. He was a man who made a great contribution to the arts in Mexico.

will be done today Posthumous tribute to Bonilla at the Palace of Fine Arts, The invitation was broadcast to all citizens on the official account of the Ministry of Culture on Twitter. Here we tell you in detail. Even though he is no longer with us, His legacy will live on for many more yearsLeaving a lot of good productions in its wake.

One of the actor’s best qualities, apart from acting in front of the camera was a father if not a father His voice Hector Bonilla participated as a voice actor in several films, even dubbing in video games., Surely you’ve seen some of these tapes, but you probably didn’t know or remember that she was the voice behind those characters. check them out!

‘The Jungle Book’ – Baloo


A live-action adaptation of the Disney classic was released in 2016. jungle book, Bill Murray provided the voice of Baloo Bear in the film’s original language, while It was dubbed in Spanish by Hector Bonilla.,

‘The Berenstein Bears’ – Mayor Horace J. honeypot


Héctor Bonilla also participated in cartoons for children, as was the case the berenstein bears, Where he met Mayor Horace J. live honeypot Between 1985 and 1987.

‘Ratauli’ – Django

disney pixar

One of Disney Pixar’s most beloved movies Ratatouille, Bonilla collaborated with the famous animated film production house Django Dubbing (Brian Dennehy), Remy’s father.

‘Coco’ – Oscar and Felipe Rivera

disney pixar

He had another collaboration with Pixar Cocofilm directed by Lee Unkrich, also the director of toy story 3, on this occasion, Hector Bonilla acted as Miguel’s uncle Oscar and Felipe Rivera. Gael García Bernal also participated in the dubbing of his character.

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