Colegio Mayor Ilyas Ahuja’s website crashes after controversial sexist shouting at a women’s residence

Website of Ilyas Ahuja Male Niwas Hall has suffered a decline After a sexist video went viral on social networks. The students’ demonstration took place last Sunday night as part of an alleged haze.

,come off your bills like prostitutes, rabbitsYou’re nymphomaniac whore, I promise you you’re all going to fuck in the cape! Come on, Ahuja!”, said the people of the Colegio Mayor from the windows of their rooms in the video, which has created a ruckus on the internet.

message It was addressed to a women’s residence hall Located just opposite: Santa Monica. One of the students tweeted, “They are predators and they cause panic. That’s how they start courses at a Madrid college.”

After the video went viral in various applications and media coverage of the topic, the website of Colegio Mayor has collapsed. When users try to login, the web does not load.

It is unknown whether the problem is due to heavy posting on the site or someone responsible for the video being taken down after it went viral.

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