Collared female wolf killed in Oregon, rewarded with $11,500

A collared wolf in a Lookout Mountain pack was shot and killed in northeastern Oregon earlier this month, and police are calling for the public’s help to find the person or people responsible.

Oregon State Police said Wednesday that on October 3, state fish and wildlife troops received information from the agency that the collared female wolf, known as OR88, may be dead in northeastern Oregon near Little Lookout Mountain, Oregon State. police said on Wednesday.

Fish and Wildlife troops and personnel responded to the area and found the carcass of a wolf on the Bureau of Land Management property. Soldiers believe the wolf was shot on location on October 2.

Police said the Oregon Wildlife Coalition and Conservation Partners are offering a reward of $11,500 that leads to an arrest and/or citation to soldiers in the incident.

Last year in Oregon, wildlife soldiers found eight dead wolves in the same area. The animals were poisoned, but the deaths remain unsolved and rewards have also been given for tips for punishment.

There were six wolves found dead this year in Northeast Washington poison and rewardofficials said last week.

Washington state had a minimum of 206 wolves and 33 packs in 2021, according to an annual survey conducted by state and tribal biologists. Idaho had about 1,500 wolves, while Oregon had about 173 wolves at the time.

Meanwhile, environmentalists are prompting the US Fish and Wildlife Service to do more to protect the Mexican gray wolves as one of the endangered predators Found dead in southwestern New Mexico,

And earlier this month, officials said they were offering a $1,150 reward for information that led to the arrest. killing a radio collared bobcat He was part of a research project in Arizona.

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