Consuelo Duval effect without filter from the bed

Consuelo Duval is one of the most popular actresses and comedians in Mexico and one of the most acclaimed; His charisma, beauty and professionalism have earned him recognition as one of the most talented comedians One of the show’s reference figures and national comedy.

The host stunned her more than 5 million followers on Instagram this Saturday in a clip she shared on this social network, without a drop of makeup, where he showed himself naturally and from his bed, And although many people could not believe that he knew himself that way, he did so without prejudice.

Duval broke the network with a video where he is seen making a viral video in which he is seen on his bed wearing a white shirt and red glasses, repeating youViral phrases from other clips that have become a trend, “It makes me happy”, was the text that he published in the video of this social network and with which he surprised his fans.

Consuelo Vidal poses from her bed and breaks the net

The host and actress became a trend this week by recalling one of the uncomfortable moments she experienced as an actress in front of the cameras; The comedian described the occasion when He pissed off his fellow actor, Ari Telcho While recording a scene, something he considered an accident.

Consuelo Ducal surprised his fans in the clip he posted. Photo: Special

This was during the most recent edition of the event “Netas Divinas”, where Roxana Castellanos, the presenter who guest appeared, Recalls occasions in which episodes of laughter caused Consuelo Duval to urinate And he had laughter.

According to Castellanos’s statement, the “La Familia P.Luche” actress urinated on Ninel Condé’s ex-husband when they were Presenting on stage. “Ari Telch Was Made UpThey were naked, in the play,” he said.

The actress and host decided to replicate the viral video

Duval explained how the embarrassing moment happened before this comment: “There was a dinner at ‘Cutro XXXX’ where we were completely nakedBut there were sheets in between, then came a song that I remember completely that ‘Ta Ra Ta Ta’, his narration began.

“Cuentamelo yes!” The host of He continued: “Then we kind of did the choreography, that we were kicking and then Who knows what he said to me at that moment and I said: ‘Don’t make me laugh’But I took his eyes out and told him: ‘No, Ari, I’m going to pee,'” she said.

The moment when the presenter of “El Retador 2022” fulfilled his threat and He urinated on the actor and had no choice but to wipe him off with a blanket That he was next to her: “Then she wiped her full hairy belly with the sheet,” Duval recounts, with which she ended her anecdote.

especially Ari Telch reported this episode at least three years ago.In the program “Montsay & Jo”, which is hosted by Montserrat Oliver and Yolanda Andrade, it was no longer strange to hear it with the voice of Consuelo Duval.

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