Cops and Leroy Merlin warn of a phishing scam that escapes a drill masquerading as a hook

Leroy Merlin warns in his Twitter account by an attack Phishing, Fraudsters are posing as a company to gain the trust of the victims by rewarding them Give a Drill While Filling out the Survey,

The French multinational explains that “no communication of this type via email or other channels, so it is completely unrelated to this type of communication that some of our customers are receiving”.

cyber criminals Contact users via emailGiven that the victim has been selected to participate in a loyalty program.

Evidence of scam.

Experts recommend not to give bank or personal data, especially if we are not sure that the SMS is official.

In case of clicking on the button redirecting to the same website as the official website, Cyber ​​criminals sought the answer of the survey Which fills up in a minute to receive the product.

purpose of scam Banking and personal data theftIn addition, the National Police communicates on Twitter that users are wary of the type of ruffle in which the products are given.

Malware is the most common cyber security incident in Spain.

ways to avoid scams

Internet users must check sender’s address email and possible spelling or grammatical errors. On the other hand, it is recommended do not open E-mail StrangerClicking on hyperlinks or links, and not downloading suspicious applications and attachments.

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