CORE-Z5: Crosscall launches smartphone with computer-like interface

Tech maker Crosscall today launched the 5G smartphone Core-Z5. five year warranty And with an interface similar to a computer, which can be directly connected to the monitor. The device is powered by Qualcomm QCM6490 processor and is compatible with 5G and WiFi 6/6E networksProvides more power than previous models.

According to the company, the smartphone will be the first smartphone to be compatible with Band 68 (700 MHz), that is, Within the European Union, it is mostly owned by state bodies. Those responsible for the safety of the public.

The CORE-Z5 complies with the MIL-STD-810H military standard, so we can talk about an ultra-resistant mobile. Some tests of the device to mechanical stress to certify that in very low and very high climatic conditions (-25 ºC and 60 ºC), Withstands drops from heights of two meters onto hard surfaces and resistance to cold water, draining oil and corrosive products as well as others.

Battery, one of its great advantages

Its developers ensure that its battery capacity is 4,950 mAh, which combined with the power consumption components makes the CORE-Z5 last 44 hour chat, It also has fast charging and completes 50% in just 42 minutes of charging. But Crosscall didn’t stop there and they have also managed to make the phone usable as external battery To charge other devices using the dual USB-C cable included in the packaging.

The company notes that the battery is total 800 charge cycles In the right condition, which provides a long useful life of the smartphone. With this, Crosscall explained in a statement that it hopes to slow down the frequency of mobile renewal and bet on more responsible and sustainable telephony and respond to current environmental and economic problems.

It is also waterproof.

CORE-Z5 will replace traditional radio

The phone is compatible with push-to-talk applications and has four programmable side buttons that make it UN Walkie-Talkie 2.0. With it, users can communicate and share photos, videos or geolocations with multiple people at once and there is no limit to distance, which is unimaginable for radio.

To ensure communication is at its best even in noisy environments, Crosscall has equipped the CORE-Z5 with 2W, 100dB speakers. In addition, it has very accurate GPS, with an accuracy of 3 meters, Compared to 10 meters for the average smartphone.

The phone supports PMR (Personal Mobile Radio) in 4G and 5G broadband, which is important in various sectors. Thanks to this technology, companies can access Completely secure way for private or public networks.

We tested the ultra-resistant crosscall Core-X4 Mobile.

Very affordable price for what it promises

It’s all sold today, November 16, by Crosscall through its website and normal sales channels. it costs 779,90 euroNot bad for what it offers.

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