Could Alebridge Kimberly Be Loiza? This was the analysis of Juanpa Zurita

Who’s the mask? Were these clues left by the character in?

By: Eric Solisso

Via Televisa/Instagram: @kimberly.loaiza

Juanpa Zurita says who is the mask in Alebrije Kimberly Loiza?

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One of the cutest characters in Who’s the Mask? There is Alebridge, which mesmerizes with its alluring colors and above all with its softness.

However, researchers Galilea Montijo, Carlos Rivera, Juanpa Zurita and Yuri do not lift their finger in doing their research to find the hidden figure.

in this chapter,

John’s Zurita

He clarified that he has an idea of ​​who he is dealing with and spoke about the influential Kimberly Loiza.

“From the previous track we saw that the digital theme was very much present, here he emphasizes it again, but he is someone who has migrated from digital to songs, ie he has producers and music directors as well. i think alebridge is kimberly loiza“, Told.

At the same time, users on the social network also made it clear that it could be about him and other celebrities:

While the researchers also released their opinion they highlighted the following stakes:
Carlos Rivera – Bitter Flower
Galilea Montijo – Joy, by Jesse and Joy
Yuri – Fanny Lu
Carlos Ponce – Marie Antoinette of the Ice, La Chilindrina
Other clues you can see in the following video:

Discover Alebridge’s fun game in its first clue

Who is Alebridge? There are many names to explore. enjoy

Who’s the mask?

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