Could Twitter be in conflict with the EU after closing its Brussels office? It was important to follow the legal framework of Europe

The Twitter office in Brussels has been forced to close due to a lack of staff. Ever since Elon Musk bought the company, he has done massive layoffs and layoffs in Europe itself. two employees who left last week And it’s unknown whether they left voluntarily after the tycoon’s ultimatum to work harder or if they were fired.

The presence of the company’s subsidiary in Europe was necessary to ensure that the platform complied with EU regulations. Jesús P. López Palaz, director of Bufete Abogado Amigo, lists for 20BITS the European laws that affect social networks like Twitter, highlighting General Data Protection Regulationbelong to advertising and those who point right to freedom of expression and respect of users.

“As if that wasn’t enough, this year they approved New rules that directly regulate the provision of digital services Which reinforces pre-existing obligations”, explains the professional. Therefore, the dismissal (or resignation) of the last employees of the Twitter office in Brussels has come at a difficult time.

The Digital Services Act and the Code of Good Practices on Misinformation have come into force. “Both regulations seek to guarantee that the information shared in digital media in general and in social networks in particular meets the criteria of truthfulness and fairness – explains López – it is not only about fighting against illegal contentBut Against opinion generating material based on unverified or unverified news,

To comply with the law, Twitter was banning the dissemination of certain messages that contained “hate material or material that incites violence”. However, the new rules need more control In the verification of the ingredients”, confirms the director of Buffet Abogado Amigo.

Twitter closes its offices amid mass exodus of workers

Digital services rules in the EU “clash with Elon Musk’s intentions to give social networks more freedom, Namely, less control over publications”. In fact, Thierry Breton, president and CEO of Atos and former minister of economy, finance and industry, reminded Twitter’s new owner that he would have to comply with European laws.

According to Lopez, the Twitter 2.0 that Musk intends to create will not be possible in Europe if it violates the above laws. The protection of the fundamental rights of the citizens would compel them to control the material being published so that it does not violate the rules: “It is not about censorship, but about giving effect to the rights of citizens, Setting up a barrier for the first attack. While once a right has been attacked, there is always an avenue of judicial reintegration, the fact is that this remedy does not repair the damage done on many occasions.”

IPTV, the first fine in Europe for users of free Internet television

mass and immediate layoffs

Lopez, from Abogado Amigo, stresses that layoff rules differ depending on the country. “In general, we may say that, although free and immediate dismissal is not permitted, if it occurs, the consequences exist. workers compensation“, experts insist.

If the layoffs were taking place in Spain, for example, they would be so-called ‘unfair dismissal’: “They will give rise to compensation of 33 days’ wages for each year worked.”

professional comments that people who have left Twitter “were in charge of maintaining Communication between regulatory bodies and the company“. By leaving, such communication has been stifled, and “possibilities for rapid and flexible action have been nipped in the bud.”

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