Cristal Silva: 3 trendy bikinis that crown her as VLA’s prettiest

Crystal Silva Has been crowned as one of the fashion queens of the morning “Come on Joy” (VLA.)) and also as one of them more beautiful, Well, it is in the TV Azteca show where she shows her best form, however, her fans are fascinated by her beach outfits with which she flaunts her curvy and slim silhouette, such as modern bikini With which he is the most different among his peers.

After representing Mexico in the beauty pageant miss universe In 2016, the beautiful Tamaulipas caught the attention of television producers and in 2018 began her career as a presenter, managing to appear as one of the most beautiful faces on Ajusco television, and herself as one of the spoilers. as ranked on the network, as confirmed by their 1.8 million followers in instagram,

Kristal Silva is the most beautiful in bikini

The former beauty queen is one of those celebrities who dazzle with her looks, and when she takes a trip to the beach she wears trendy and youthful outfits, with which she also gives fashion lessons, Because the 30-year-old presenter isn’t afraid to try different styles, from the boldest and shortest, to the chicest, but less revealing, however, with all of them, your silhouette stands out.

Kristal exudes beauty in the form of a bubbly beach. Photo: IG @kristalsilva_

yuselmi crystal silva Davila, the real name of the presenter VLAWho has been crowned a fashion icon among women in their 20s and 30s, proves it with bikini Who is not only crazy about the trends of every season, but also impresses with her style, as shown by her floral print outfits, which are the favorite of many celebrities in summer.

but crystal It also shows that the classic never goes out of style. modaBecause in their social networks they have also been seen together Swimsuit Two-piece in neutral colors like black and white, with which her fair skin and dark hair stand out, but above all her curvy silhouette stands out, so adored by her millions of followers who never dare to admire her. Don’t miss opportunities. ,

The driver boasts of a stunning body with his bikini. Photo: IG @kristalsilva_

silvawho is married to Luis ngel Garza, who was her boyfriend for more than 10 years, in addition to being a leading model and host, she has a degree in business administration, a career she studied at the Autonomous University of Tamaulipas, her home state was. , in which she was represented at the Nuestra Belleza Mexico 2016 competition, from which she was crowned the country’s most beautiful woman.

in present, Crystal Silva, who were “also part of the key cast”Survivor Mexico“In 2021, she is one of the presenters of the TV Azteca morning show with the most fans on social networks, as the former beauty queen constantly surprises with her photos, in which she shines with her beautiful face and clear eyes.

The former beauty queen is confirmed as one of the most beautiful on the small screen. Photo: IG @kristalsilva_

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