Cristal Silva dazzles in a fall neckline look that leaves nothing to the imagination

beautiful host of the event Come on Joy, Crystal Silva a. Became a topic of conversation on social networks after starring in picture in which she wore her attractive figure In a beautiful form that fits her perfectly or at least as her millions of followers told her, who surrendered to her beauty.

As you know, in addition to shining as the host of a morning show, the Tamaulipas-born celebrity has established herself as one of the biggest fashion references, practically because of the number of shares she shares on social networks. All the content you do goes viral in a matter of minutes. Exactly the same happened with a new picture of him.

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Kristal Silva shows off her curves in a cleavage look

a few weeks ago, in the morning tv aztec The competition hit hard with the premiere of the second season of the reality show I want to sing!Which is helmed by several of its hosts and other figures on the show, who test their skills in front of a microphone.

In the first weeks of the competition, Crystal Silva She has established herself as one of the favorites because of her great talent in many of her productions, because apart from singing in a unique way, she has also applied fashion with great looks that highlight her perfect figure.

In one of her recent performances, a former participant of Survivor Mexico He showed that he maintains an attractive figure at the age of 30 by modeling a pearl jumpsuit, which attracted a lot of attention thanks to the opening at the waist and the risky neckline worn in the chest area.

As expected, followers of happy come and of I want to sing! He made Cristal Silva’s name a topic of conversation as he immediately exposed the great man he possesses. Furthermore, he crowned her as a true fashion reference as she always looks fabulous.

“Beautiful”, “unique” and “beauty” were some of the comments received by the television star.

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Crystal Silva and Her Legacy on TV Aztec

After the departure of Cynthia Rodriguez, Cristal Silva has taken a major role in the cast of happy comeCollaborating on most of the sections that are broadcast daily.

For this reason, Internet users assure that the model is the most beautiful in broadcast, thanks to her undeniable talent and her marked taste for fashion, which she usually boasts of every day on TV Azteca morning shows.

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