Cristian de la Fuente: This is the woman he kissed at the bar and with whom he has dated several times

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source of christian He is in controversy after admitting that in “drunk error” he kissed a fan at the specialty restaurant “La Unica” in Mexico City, being unfaithful to his wife, Angelica Castro.

“I made a mistake. A girl approached me, kissed me and I didn’t stop her. I was with a friend (Juan Soler), they recorded us and that video came out. It’s a drunken mistake, a fool, The actor wrote for the program “At Home on Telemundo”.

However, the Chamonic Instagram profile suggests that Driver’s version would be false, and that the kiss would not be a one-night slip, but that the Chilean actor may have been out with the beautiful woman multiple times. He also remarked that on the weekend of 16 September they went to Valle de Bravo together, a place to rest in the state of Mexico.

According to the special profile, Cristian de la Fuente met the woman on the day the video was filmed where they were caught kissing. The two were celebrating September 15 (Mexico’s Independence Day) at a special bar when the young woman and the actor fell in love.

What is the actor’s new conquest called Monserrat is 33 years old, Mexican and since the scandal broke out, she has deleted her Facebook account and made her Instagram profile private.

According to the Instagram account, the actor will split from Angelica Castro, with whom he shares raising his daughter Laura.

Marriage was considered by far- one of the most stable in entertainment, in January they celebrated 20 years of marriage And on 10 March this year, the family experienced sad moments when their daughter, Laura, she was wounded by a bullet, Fortunately, the young woman recovered with the love and support of her parents.

Angelica Castro reappears in one of the most relaxing social networks

For her part, Angelica Castro hasn’t spoken out about the leaked video, but in her own way has indicated that she’s focused on herself, as she stopped following Cristian de la Fuente on Instagram and moments later shared a post in which he looks the most posing comfortably in a bikini with her dog Buddha,

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