Crush apologizes for ‘high five’ controversy on his show when he’s accused of ignoring black fans

Crush, the solo artist of P Nation who made his debut in 2014, has now become a sensational artist with multiple hits in the Korean music world. For the inexperienced, Crush recently returned from his military service on August 11, 2022, after serving his 18-month term. He resumed his activities after discharge and began performing at college festivals and other shows.

The recent controversy

Crush was one of the many artists at the SOMEDAY PLEMORA 2022 festival on October 9, 2022. It was an event organized by Yonsei University located in Seoul. He was reportedly seen heading into the crowd as he sang one of his songs and high-fived at the same time. According to the original account holder who shared the video, Crush ignored some people when he high-fived the audience. Many have since questioned it and accused the singer of doing it because said people were black and not Korean. Many accused him of being racist. In addition, the video also went viral on social networks in a short time, after which netizens demanded an answer from him.

Crush’s response

Speaking of Crush, the soloist recently took to Instagram and shared an apology to clear up misunderstandings. He said that he skipped certain sections because there was danger due to the large number of people near the fence. He claimed to have taken the security precaution based on a quick judgment and apologized as he assured everyone that he is not someone who discriminates or favors.

Check out Crush’s full apology below.

Rush hour

Crush recently collaborated with BTS’s J-Hope for Rush hour, which became a huge success in a short time. The track is a fusion of Crush’s amazing vocals and J-Hope’s wonderful rap flow. We can’t help but appreciate the trendy dance snippets that have a bit of influence from the popular BTS. mic drop, as revealed in the previous teasers. There’s no denying that the track is an old-school diner with all the cars, dance team, and music moving throughout the video.

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