Curvy Zelma: 4 bikinis with which she teaches fashion for plus size girls

curvy zelma She creates a sensation among her thousands of followers on social networks with her looks. in their official accounts Instagram and Facebook The host and singer constantly shares pictures in which she can be seen posing in her best outfits, and without a doubt they are hers She teaches fashion to plus size girls with a bikiniBecause it confirms that size and style are not in dispute.

The actress, also the winner of the first season of the reality show “Quiero Cantor”, who recently returned to the competition as a guest judge, has set herself as an example of self-love and confidence for those who Feel insecure about your figure. Because with every single organization she publishes on her network, it shows that the stereotypes imposed by the medium and society are changing.

Curvy Zelma shows off in a bikini and conquers the network

The 31-year-old presenter has won over thousands of followers on the meta platform with her photos, in which she shows herself with a risky look that is perfect to highlight her silhouette, which has made her a favorite on the network , because his fans never miss an opportunity to flood him with “likes” and flattering messages showing their support.

The curvaceous won the network over with her looks. Photo: FB @CurvyZelma

Zelma CheremThe real name of the host and singer, who has gained popularity through her collaboration on TV Azteca’s morning show,”smile come onhas been set as the benchmark for plus size girlsAnd this is reflected in her photographs in flirty two-piece swimsuits, with which she proudly flaunts her curves while opting for modern and youthful designs.

When it comes to bikini, Shapely She is daring and is not afraid to try different styles, as we have been able to see her in satin dresses with elegant sets, or classics in neutral tones such as black or white, but she has also taken the opportunity to reveal the most Have given. Or colored clothes. Combining solid colored pieces with prints, such as florals, that never go out of style.

It impresses with its youthful and trendy style. Photo: FB @CurvyZelma

Zelmawho was also a presenter in the show “Viva la Tarde” and a participant in “Survivor”, every day adds more followers to the network, with whom she constantly shows off her best outfits and gives Fashion Chairs for Plus Size GirlsConfirming that she is not afraid to try the most revealing designs, not only in bikinis or bathing suits, as shown by her fitted dresses or miniskirts.

The 31-year-old host and influencer has already established herself as a style icon and an example of self-love which is why she is adored and loved by thousands of fans who shower her with compliments. Never miss an opportunity to and remind her that she is a very beautiful woman with a lot of talent.

Show off your curves in a flirty bikini. Photo: FB @CurvyZelma

It stands as a style reference. Photo: FB @CurvyZelma

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